Photos taken at the RAF Henlow Officers Mess Xmas Draw on 11 Dec 09.

Please note these images are low resolution, un-edited previews. Prior to printing, all images will be optimised to ensure the best possible quality. Please note the numbers of the photos you want. Choose the size (see the price lists - link below) and quantities. Then pass us the details.... or ring us on the usual numbers. Thanks

My apologies for the late delivery of your Xmas Draw Photos, they are ready and have been since before Christmas, however the Mess are being rather slow at settling my invoice. Once they have paid, the photos will be delivered.

img_6927_small.jpg img_6929_small.jpg img_6930_small.jpg img_6932_small.jpg img_6934_small.jpg
img_6935_small.jpg img_6936_small.jpg img_6937_small.jpg img_6940_small.jpg img_6942_small.jpg
img_6944_small.jpg img_6945_small.jpg img_6950_small.jpg img_6951_small.jpg img_6952_small.jpg
img_6953_small.jpg img_6954_small.jpg img_6955_small.jpg img_6957_small.jpg img_6958_small.jpg
img_6959_small.jpg img_6960_small.jpg img_6961_small.jpg img_6962_small.jpg img_6965_small.jpg
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