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History of the Midland Railway

I know, I know... Come on get it over and done with, get all the anorak, thermos and spotter gags out of the way! Finished? Ok, this study began by chance really, I live near what was once a station on the Midland Railway, Hitchin to Bedford branch. The railway no longer exists, however for a large proportion of it's old route you can still see where it was. A lot of the embankments and bridges still exist and most are walkable to some degree. So anyway curiosity got the better of me and I felt I had to find out more of the history of the railway and the towns and villages surrounding it.

If you have any ideas, or comments, regarding this study or any other for that matter then please drop me a line. If you can shed any light on the history of any town or village or have a little historical pearl of wisdom please let me know, thank you.