Pixel8tor Photography & Web Design

Some of the sites that I have designed and built.

All the banners on this site are created by me too.

The site I built for Countrywide Flags, so if you are wanting to raise your standards, give Dean a call.

This is the brand new site for our local ASA Affiliated Swimming Club, Henlow Blue Sharks, this, as you can see, is currently a work in progress, so keep 'em peeled!.

A fun site I made, way back when, to follow the adventures of Swanny's Mug! You have to visit it just to appease your own curiosity now! It has just received a major overhaul, however I decided to retain it's original look and feel. Sentimentality is a wonderful thing ha ha ha.

This is for a local Bouncy Castle provider, take a look at Gibbo's Bouncy Castles if you feel a bit Zebedee.

Another equestrian site, this time for DLS Horses, based in Sandy, Beds.

This is the second site that I made for LS Paso Finos and it received some great feedback from within the Equestrian community. They have since moved to pastures new, but I keep the site here as a demo.

This site was created a few years ago and has received MOD approval for use, however the Royal Air Force Police's very own Tactical Provost Wing are yet to release it to the World.

As a conscientous web designer attempting to produce good looking web sites that are standards compliant and have great accessibility, I am constantly frustrated by browsers that cannot follow the Web standards, namely Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. They seem so intent on perverting the standards in order to monopolise the browser market that they ignore the fact that people want to build and use sites that are viewable from any computer, running any operating system, using any browser, so I primarily use Mozilla Firefox. Not only is it a faster browser, it is standards compliant and it was the forerunner of tabbed browsing, so I strongly recommend switching to it. If you install it there is no need to uninstall any other browser that you use.

Firefox 2